Aftermarket Providers


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Are you a provider wanting to move to an electronic based contracting process? Do you have the right strategy?

  • Will the process that you choose ultimately provide the dealer easy access to eContract everything in one place?
  • Will the dealer/F&I Manager be required to click to multiple web sites and/or input redundant data entry for every aftermarket product they sell?
  • Are the benefits to you as the provider greater than the total cost of moving to eContracting?
  • The calculation of total cost should include:
    • Internal cost of your own web based contracting system or the cost from a third party.
    • Data integration cost from the dealers DMS.
  • Transaction cost for being a part of any common platform like F&I Express®.
  • Finally, is moving to e-contracting a project for you as an provider, or a strategy?

F&I Express® is building a uniform industry solution to assist in achieving 100% e-contracting. Intersection Technologies is constantly developing new and stronger integration relationships with progressive aftermarket providers, North American auto dealers, and dealer management systems. The benefits for providers are that F&I Express®:

  • Eliminates the printing of forms and distribution cost of forms with real-time “pull and replacement.”
  • No redundant data entry.
  • Error-free contracts.
  • Real-time sales results and customized reporting.
  • Allows Provider/Agent to minimize losses by having transparency into dealer receivables.
  • Ability for online payment remittance.
  • Enhances dealer and end consumer CSI.

Deployment Options

The F&I Express® platform has the flexibility to work with administrators who have different needs and different technology. The most common models are as follows: 

Turn Key – This model is designed for an administrator who does not have their own web based proprietary e-contracting system. F&I Express® provides a turnkey solution from preparing the contracts, to giving the administrator access to the platform that will have multiple administrators on it. 

F&I Express® Light – This model recognizes administrators who either have their own web based contracting system or desire to have control of the e-contracting process. Under this model F&I Express® acts as the dealer interface and DMS integrator to send the data to the administrator after it has been validated. In return the administrator automatically prepares the contract and sends it back to F&I Express which provides it to the dealer. 

Private Label – If you have the desire to provide your customer base an exclusive branded experience, F&I Express® has the capability of providing Private label web sites for the contracting and registration of aftermarket products and services. 

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