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IT Strategy & Deployment

ITI offers focused and practical services for the following IT areas:

Requirements Development – Current and Future

Our experts match your primary business functions and objectives to a comprehensive definition of your IT requirements that will service your current operating plan and position you for growth in your strategic horizon. We found that an effective and prioritized statement of IT needs correctly stratifies and focuses the IT project investment portfolio for our clients.

Technology and Application Architecture Design

Defining and specifying the right technology and application architecture for your IT needs encompasses decisions in key areas such as: = Operating Systems, Data Bases, Hardware Configurations; overall IT model – client server, web-services, in house vs. hosted, cloud computing; development languages – Java, C#, PHP etc.; User Interface/ User Navigation/Multi lingual/date Standards, Open Source or Proprietary frameworks and tools, and many others. Based on a clear statement of IT requirements and your budget constraints ITI analyzes and recommends the most effective IT Architecture for the current and future needs of your business.

IT Buy or Build Analysis

With large numbers of pre-packaged software and hardware solutions, why spend your budgets on building already available IT offerings. The internal IT build plans should cover your unique processes and value-added and be effectively aligned and integrated with proven and technically viable pre-packaged IT solutions. We assist our clients in this process with practical assessments, selections, and solution deployment recommendations.

IT Solution Development

If you require unique IT solution for creating value and reducing cost of your operations
ITI has proven, technology savvy, and very cost effective resources to meet this requirement. We apply practical and structured processes to all phases of software development to assure on time delivery and high quality of all client deliverables.

In addition our staff is comprised of experienced, certified software and engineering professionals, who are well versed in all critical and new technologies.

IT Integration to New Systems and Partners

When our client existing IT structure requires integration to new solutions ITI provides services for specifying, constructing and deploying required integration elements to assure the integration cost structure, method and performance are fully aligned with this ITI client need. Since ITI executes this function frequently with multiple clients we offer this service to reduce risk and assure proper use of new solutions in our client IT environments.