How to Motivate Your Employees

Here is a link to a good article about what is really important to motivate employees…and it is not money.  I could not agree more and have always tried to adopt my management style around doing these things in the development of my team at different places I have worked. On a side note, I do whole heartily think that people should be paid to motivate them to be excited about what they do everyday from a compensation perspective.

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Lenders – How is your F&I aftermarket product cancellation process?

Lenders – Get faster rebate recoveries and more rebates paid with ExpressRecoveries.
You can now avoid delays in recovering refunds for cancelled add-on products you’ve financed while increasing the rebate amounts paid out to your customers with ExpressRecoveries from F&I Express. ExpressRecoveries transforms the current slow, manual process of canceling aftermarket products to a streamlined, simplified online system. Electronically prepare and submit cancellation documentation to dealers and product providers directly. Improve compliance with consumer protection regulations by deploying an online system that

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The Impact of the Internet on Retailing Cars : Electronic F&I

Think back to 1990 when consumers would go to the book store to get Consumer Reports magazines to read up on different cars to but that were in their consideration set.  They would then look at the classified ads in the weekend paper….then they were off on a car buying adventure.  You would get to the dealership and test drive a car or two and then the dealer would ask them about their trade.  The consumer would see the dealer

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A Faster Way to Close the F&I Deal = eSignature

eSignature uses electronic signature pad technology for even faster and easier contract submittals.
F&I Express® helps you move at an express pace, from time-consuming, multi-part paper forms to our streamlined eContracting platform for more efficient and more accurate aftermarket F&I product sales. When you add eSignature, your contract submittals are even faster and easier.

Sign eContracts in seconds!
Works with most signature pads, including ePad® and Topaz.
Sign with finger on the iPad® or with a mouse on a PC.
Preview contracts online with the

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Why Haven’t You Replaced Your F&I Printer?

Impact printers were developed in 1963 which was one year before the advent of the VCR and two years before 8 track tape players. How many people do you know that have an 8 track tape player or a VCR? Yet I bet you know many dealers that have impact printers. In fact, I would guess that 99% of dealers today have an impact printer. Tell me what is wrong with that!
It’s time to simplify your F&I and join the digital

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F&I e-Contracting and e-Signature

As e-Contracting of aftermarket F&I products has increased, many F&I Managers like it but comment that getting the consumer to sign all the documents is a work.  When you incorporate an e-Signature process with the e-Contracting, the process is much faster and can save the F&I Manager up to 5 additional minutes on a three product sale.
eSignature with F&I Express