F&I eContracting Guide for Providers

Are you a provider wanting to move to an electronic based contracting process? Do you have the right strategy?

Will the process that you choose ultimately provide the dealer easy access to eContract everything in one place?
Will the dealer/F&I Manager be required to click to multiple web sites and/or input redundant data entry for every aftermarket product they sell?
Are the benefits to you as the provider greater than the total cost of moving to eContracting?
The calculation of total cost should include:

Internal cost of your own web

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Check Your DMS Bill

Billing errors for dealership management systems are more common than you may think. Technology experts suggest you check your monthly invoice for erroneous charges related to hardware and software, annual increases and click fees.
You know the appropriate amount of your dealership’s monthly electric bill, but do you know what you pay per kilowatt hour? Many dealers manage the monthly invoice for their dealership management system (DMS) much like their electric bill. They know the total amount they pay but not

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