Compliance, Menu, and Digital Solutions

2015 has been a great year for the F&I industry. New products have been launched, partnerships expanded between companies, and informative studies from automotive industry experts have been applauded for their direction to the online experience. We at F&I Express have had a banner year, and there is still so much more to come!
Our F&I aftermarket provider network grew exponentially in the first half of the year. Bringing on partnerships with Maximus Auto Group, Service Payment Plan,

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F&I Express’ President/CEO Brian Reed to Speak at Texas Compliance Summit

F&I Express®, the innovator behind ExpressRecoveries and CompliPrice digital solutions, is pleased to announce that President and CEO, Brian Reed, will speak on a panel entitled, “Where the Rubber Meets the Road” at the Texas Compliance Summit, Tuesday, November 17.
In addition to his compliance leadership at F&I Express, J.D. Power and Associates honored Brian as a Pioneer of the Automotive Internet Industry for contributing to the establishment and growth of the automotive Internet. He

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Looking for a Digital F&I Solution?

Are you a provider wanting to move to an electronic based contracting process? Do you have the right strategy for a digital F&I solution?

Will the process that you choose ultimately provide the dealer easy access to eContract everything in one place?
Will the dealer/F&I Manager be required to click to multiple web sites and/or input redundant data entry for every aftermarket product they sell?
Are the benefits to you as the provider greater than the total cost of moving to eContracting?
The calculation of total cost should include:

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P&A Magazine Interview with F&I Express President & CEO, Brian Reed

P&A Magazine, the F&I industry’s leading source for product providers and administrators, highlights our President & CEO, Brian Reed, in this month’s “View From the Top”.

Tell me a little bit about your company and its place in the industry.
We have worked hard at creating relationships and connectivity to the aftermarket product industry. F&I Express has established the largest F&I provider network in the industry. We have integrated with a number of menu and selling systems,

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