2015 Subprime Forum Review by Rich Apicella

Every year in November, the automotive industry convenes for Used Car Week. It was great to see the National Automotive Finance Association team up with the Subprime Auto Finance News, bringing together the leading trade associations for the non-prime auto finance market.  The NAF Association provides educational programs for finance company compliance officers, key stakeholders involved in compliance, and is the only trade association exclusively serving the non-prime auto financing industry.
The content this year at the Subprime Forum was particularly noteworthy, ranging from the impact of Millennials on

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Digital Customer Experience in the Auto F&I Product Process

Think about the automotive customer shopping process and what this will look like for F&I products in the future. What is to become of the path to aftermarket purchase with further digital advancement? Will the online experience take over from the in-person model? Right now we are at the precipice of change. With more and more customers seeking information on their smartphones, in any location, at any time, this changes how automotive dealerships need to look at their customer journey

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Online Buying Trends – This is the Future of F&I

Online F&I can help F&I Managers sell more products in less time in the F&I office. In the video, Mike Burgiss from MakeMyDeal talks about how they leverage the F&I Express network of F&I providers to give the customer F&I product information on the VDP from the dealers website.
This is the future of F&I.


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7 Reasons You Should Be Digitizing Your F&I Contracting Process

Are you stuck processing your F&I contracts on paper?
Stuck with outdated F&I processes?
F&I contracting should be painless, with error-free digital submittals and the ability to sign contracts in seconds.
Here are the 7 reasons why you should be digitizing your F&I contracting process.

Going digital with eContracting creates faster closings for the dealership.
Customers spend less time “in the box” resulting in higher CSI scores.
eContracting is error-free without incorrect rates or missing information.
Integrate a signature pad for fast digital signatures and contract

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