Compliance in the Financing of Ancillary Products

Featured in SubPrime Auto Finance News, F&I Express Executive Vice President, Rich Apicella, answers questions regarding compliance in the financing of ancillary products.
What’s your assessment of how federal regulators view the presentation and sale of ancillary products during the F&I process nowadays?
It’s no secret that the CFPB is scrutinizing the U.S. auto finance industry. Now that they’ve made their position on finance reserve clear, regulators have their sights fixed on ancillary products, and have taken action against several finance sources over ancillary product

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Speeding Up the F&I Transaction

“Speed is essential, and wider availability of digital F&I components and e-contracting often shortens the transaction time.” – Hannah Lutz, Automotive News
Dealers create important experiences for car shoppers every time those shoppers come into contact with the dealership – whether shoppers are online looking at inventory, reading a customer review, walking onto a dealer’s lot, or interacting with sales personnel. In all scenarios, shoppers are demanding a better experience and are bypassing dealers who don’t deliver it. This is why

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A Prediction for the 2016 Automotive Industry, According to Toyota

Toyota’s CEO, Jim Lentz, provides Bloomberg News with a market prediction for 2016.
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Powering Ratings for Cox Automotive’s MakeMyDeal

F&I Express is proud to be the F&I product ratings partner for Cox Automotive‘s MakeMyDeal. We have the largest eContracting network with over 100+ aftermarket providers.
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