Digital Integration & Speeding Up the Auto Sales Process

Customers want to spend less time at the dealership. 85% of dealers want customer in and out before 2-hour mark. This desire on both ends for speeding up the auto sales process will require dealerships to evolve with digital integration. In a recent survey by eLEND, despite wanting things to move quicker, dealers are still saying that the sales process is taking, on average, three hours or more to complete.

“The survey confirms that the sales process can’t evolve — or

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By Brian Reed, President & CEO of F&I Express
In the early 2000’s, new technology and an innovative process was introduced in the automotive market place – The F&I Sales Menu. The Sales Menu was initially met with a fair degree of skepticism by dealerships, but today menu selling process is accepted as the most effective way to sell F&I products. Also from a regulatory perspective, menus are also perceived to be the most compliant because they can offer every product

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Consumers, Videos, & the Car-Shopping Process

The 2015 Autotrader Consumer Video Research Study found that 65% of consumers consider vehicle videos to be an important part of their car-shopping process.
Download this information sheet to learn what types of video content shoppers find most helpful, and the ideal video length.