7 Reasons You Should Be Digitizing Your F&I Contracting Process

Are you stuck processing your F&I contracts on paper?

There is a better way to contract F&I
Stuck with outdated F&I processes?


F&I contracting should be painless, with error-free digital submittals and the ability to sign contracts in seconds.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should be digitizing your F&I contracting process.

  1. Going digital with eContracting creates faster closings for the dealership.
  2. Customers spend less time “in the box” resulting in higher CSI scores.
  3. eContracting is error-free without incorrect rates or missing information.
  4. Integrate a signature pad for fast digital signatures and contract submittals.
  5. Login to just one location to eRate and eRegister products versus multiple sites.
  6. Avoid redundant data entry with DMS and menu integration solutions.
  7. Never run out of forms and no need for rewrites, digital forms are always up to date.


F&I contracting
Digitize your F&I contracting process


F&I Express® is transforming the F&I aftermarket product sales process with digital solutions for contracting that make it easier, faster, and more profitable than ever before. Our eContracting platform provides direct connectivity to more than 95 providers, the largest aftermarket provider network in the world, with more continually joining.

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