Agents’ Frequently Asked Questions

At F&I Express we are here to help, below is a list of the most frequently asked questions from our agents. If there is anything else we can do to help please contact support at (855)-364-3977 or 



How do I reset my password?
On the F&I Express login page, click on ‘forgot password’, type in your username and password and you will receive an email providing the next steps.

A user is unable to log in even after they reset their password, why?
This is because the user must log in to the system every 30 days. If the user does not log in, the system automatically deactivates a user due to inactivity.

How can I setup a new user?
In your homepage, there is an option on the left-hand side labeled ‘user management’ there you can add a user and manage current users.

Can I assign different roles for dealership personal?
Yes, you can sign up various roles such as Finance Director, Finance Manager, and Accounting.

How can I add another provider to an existing dealer?
We request that any new provider requests be sent to us via email. Requests can be sent to

What happens if there is more than one agency at a dealership?
We can setup multiple agents with multiple providers at any one dealership, in order to do so, we will need an email from a member of the dealership stating we can setup the providers through your agency.

How can I get my dealer setup with a Menu?
There are several menu companies we integrate with including: Dealertrack, Darwin, Menu Metric, Advent Resources, and A2Z Sync. To find a complete list of our menu and DMS partners please visit:  If you are interested in working with a menu provider, contact sales at (817)-892-4160.

Where can I find the enrollment form?
This can be found on under ‘solutions’, ‘dealers’, ‘dealer enrollment forms’

How long after I send in an enrollment can my dealer start using the system?
The typical setup time for a non-DMS integrated store is 3-5 business days. For a DMS integrated store, it takes about 5-7 business days. Once ready, we will reach out to you to schedule training with the dealer. 

What are your hours of operation?
Monday – Friday 8am-8pm CST and Saturday 10am- 4pm CST
Outside of these hours, leave a voicemail and your call will be returned within four hours on the next business day.

Will I still have to go into my providers portal for remittance? Is there any reason to go back into my providers’ portal?
It depends on the provider you are setup with. We have the ability to do remittance for specific providers directly through F&I Express, however, there are providers we are not setup with at this time. This would require you to go through the providers’ system. We can provide you with a list of providers that are setup for remittance.

Who pays for DMS Integration?
Most of the time dealerships pay for the integration. However, depending on the relationship between the dealer, agent, and provider occasionally the agent or provider will pay.

What’s the advantage to DMS integration?
DMS integration simplifies your eContracting process, eliminating the need for manual or double entry. Once connected to the DMS you simply put in a deal number and the customer, vehicle, and finance information becomes available.

What DMS and Menus do you integrate with?
We integrate with the following menu and DMS companies: A2Z Sync, Adam System, Advent Resources, AppOne, AutoAction, AutoMate, AutoSoft, AutoXplorer, Darwin Automotive, Dealerbuilt, DealerTrack, Dominion, Frazer, MenuMetric, Motorize, MPK Automotive Systems, PBS Systems Group, Reynolds & Reynolds, Superior Integrated Solutions, Supreme Software & Consulting, and Wayne Reaves Software.

How will I know when a dealer has produced a contract?
There are two ways of knowing, first, with your agent login which will show any and all producing dealers you have setup. Secondly, you can see what has been done by logging directly into the dealer itself with the credentials we provide you.

Do you do anything other than automobiles?
A majority of our business with providers is for autos, however, we do work with a few providers for their RV, marine and Powersports products.

I have a dealer with multiple locations, can we set them all up in F&I Express?
Yes, we will set them up as a group on F&I Express, so you can simply switch between each store. If they are all going to be DMS integrated, there is a charge for setup and monthly per rooftop.

How do the dealerships know the rates are up to date?
When you provide the dealerships’ rates to their providers it is updated on their end and we will automatically see it Once a dealership has been setup in F&I Express we are available to schedule a video meeting with you to review the rates and ensure everything is populating properly. 

What information is needed to get a dealer enrolled?
Enrollments can be found online at under the ‘Solutions’ tab. Select the dealer enrollment form based on the DMS integration. The form requires simple information such as the dealerships’ information, users who will have access to the platform and agent information.