Best Practices for User Management

Your dealership has officially been signed up with F&I Express, but what are the best practices to manage your users? Your users can easily be managed through the F&I Express platform, on the left side of the home screen, you’ll find ‘User Management’, this will be your go-to for everything related to your users.

  1. Give every person their own login

When first getting set up with F&I Express give each person using the platform their own login. There is not a limit on the number of users you can have. You’ll thank us later when an employee leaves and you have to change your password, so they can’t get access to customer files. Keep in mind if you want to add a new user you will need to email us as 

  1. Create Specific Roles

Once each user gets access to the platform, it’s important to assign different roles. Different roles have different permission levels; roles include:

Finance Manager– This role has access to view, create, edit, and finalize, deals and contracts for all eligible aftermarket providers. They also have the ability to view productions reports.

Accounting– This role has access to view completed contracts, production report, and complete remittance.

Finance Director– This role has the highest level of authority, they have access to view, create, edit, and finalize, deals and contracts for all eligible aftermarket providers as well as the ability to complete remittance and view as a pdf.  They also have access to create new dealership users and assign user privileges

  1. Deactivate an Employee When They Leave the Dealership

When an employee is no longer with the dealership or has moved into a different role and no longer needs access to the platform, deactivate them.  This eliminates any chance of them logging in to see private information.

  1. Login Every 30 Days

If you’re using your account on a semi-regular basis, be sure to log in every 30 days or your account will deactivate. We do this for security reasons, don’t worry if you forget, give us a call and we can get you new login information.

If you have any questions, give us a call at (855) 364-3977 or send an email to