The afterthought of the aftermarket cancellation

Managing ancillary product cancellations is getting trickier with increased regulation from states and the CFPB. In this article from Auto Finance News, F&I Express executives Rich Apicella and Gary Peek shared their expertise on the role of third-party vendors in helping lenders maintain compliance. Read it here:

Increase Efficiencies and Promote Compliance in F&I Product Cancelations

How can providers and lenders work together to solve the problems created by an inefficient system for processing cancelations and the regulatory scrutiny it has attracted?
Dealers, agents, auto finance sources and F&I product providers share a common interest in efficiently processing canceled products and issuing refunds to consumers in an expedited manner. In addition, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), state attorneys general and consumer protection groups have all

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Automotive Industry Trends for 2016

Executives and thought leaders from the F&I product and administration industry share their predictions for the year ahead.
There was a time when a healthy economy and correspondingly strong sales would be all a dealer (or product provider) needed to feel secure about the future of their business. But the automotive industry is changing around them, and the driving forces behind those changes can be distilled into two categories: compliance and technology.


The main regulator on our experts’ minds is the Consumer

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Compliance in the Financing of Ancillary Products

Featured in SubPrime Auto Finance News, F&I Express Executive Vice President, Rich Apicella, answers questions regarding compliance in the financing of ancillary products.
What’s your assessment of how federal regulators view the presentation and sale of ancillary products during the F&I process nowadays?
It’s no secret that the CFPB is scrutinizing the U.S. auto finance industry. Now that they’ve made their position on finance reserve clear, regulators have their sights fixed on ancillary products, and have taken action against several finance sources over ancillary product

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F&I Compliance: Strengthen Your CFPB and State Regulatory Policy

Which topic comes up quite frequently in my discussions with auto finance companies? Concerns about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and regulatory scrutiny of automotive ancillary products. The monitoring of practices and attention on dealerships are increasing daily at both the State and Federal levels.  It is a justified concern and the uncertainty leaves many of our partners feeling a little uneasy.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
F&I Express recently commissioned

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