Automotive Industry Trends for 2016

Executives and thought leaders from the F&I product and administration industry share their predictions for the year ahead.
There was a time when a healthy economy and correspondingly strong sales would be all a dealer (or product provider) needed to feel secure about the future of their business. But the automotive industry is changing around them, and the driving forces behind those changes can be distilled into two categories: compliance and technology.


The main regulator on our experts’ minds is the Consumer

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Embracing Digital F&I : Improve the Car Buying Experience

2016 will be another year of accelerated growth in the ongoing shift toward online retailing. Thousands of auto dealers are already taking advantage of this evolution in the car-buying experience, and thousands more are sure to follow this year.
“Selling cars is a relationship business. It always has been and it always will be.”
Consumers can buy nearly everything online, from TVs to paper towels, an experience we call “shopping cart eCommerce.” And those expectations of convenience are translating to auto retail

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