DominionACCESS DMS Integrates with F&I Express

Norfolk, VA – March 14, 2016 – Dominion DMS, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions, announced today that their ACCESS® Dealer Management System has completed its integration with F&I Express’ aftermarket data solution. This new collaboration streamlines the F&I process, providing time savings to automotive dealership customers nationwide through DominionACCESS DMS.

“F&I Express’ eContracting for aftermarket products completes the transition from impact printing to our new laser printing solution,’ noted Van Koppersmith, president of Dominion DMS. ‘Our customers can now have the option of using the ACCESS menu or one of many that F&I Express offers to accurately rate, contract, and register a wide variety of aftermarket products.’”

Through DominionACCESS’s seamless integration with F&I Express, dealers partner with the leading provider of digital F&I aftermarket product solutions to automotive dealers nationwide. F&I Express receives F&I data from DominionACCESS, allowing dealers to rate over 120 different aftermarket vendors per vehicle. Products can then be selected, added to the menu, and signed. F&I Express eliminates the need for programmable forms, since laser forms reside directly within the F&I Express eContracting platform. These can be printed for the selected aftermarket products, enabling vendors to receive the product selections directly through F&I Express.

Dealers using DominionACCESS gain access for eRating, eContracting, eRegistering, and remittance, right at their fingertips. With over 100 providers, this integration provides retail dealerships with access to the largest aftermarket network in the automotive industry. DominionACCESS’ integration with F&I Express helps dealerships nationwide save time and improve efficiencies.

“As we continue to advance digital contracting, companies must co-innovate to solve tough problems for their customers,” said Brian Reed, President and CEO of F&I Express.  “This integration represents a combination of Dominion’s expertise to improve business performance, with F&I Express’ vision of simplifying the F&I process with innovative technology solutions.”

Dominion Dealer Solutions offers two DMS solutions to the automotive marketplace- DominionACCESS and the Microsoft DynamicsAX-based DominionDMX. For more information on how DominionACCESS can supply F&I Express aftermarket product solutions to your dealership, call 877.421.1040 or contact our support staff.


ABOUT F&I Express

Since 2008, F&I Express has been dedicated to leading the aftermarket industry into the digital age with innovative technology solutions that cut costs and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Established by international company Intersection Technologies Inc., F&I Express has built the largest aftermarket provider network in the industry. From presenting product pricing and features online, to providing error-free eContracting, to improving aftermarket product cancellation performance and compliance, F&I Express makes aftermarket F&I easier and more profitable for everyone.

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