F&I Express® Adds PermaPlate Automotive Protection Products to Its eContracting Platform for Auto Dealers

PermaPlate is the 45th aftermarket F&I administrator to join the F&I Express® eContracting platform.


San Pedro, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2013

F&I Express has added PermaPlate to its industry-leading eContracting platform. Auto dealers across the United States will now have the ability to electronically prepare and process all PermaPlate automotive protection products in the matter of a few seconds. The eContracting of PermaPlate products gives auto dealers the ability to ensure that all contracts are consistently prepared correctly and are automatically registered on PermaPlate systems.

“PermaPlate has been providing quality protection products to car dealers and its customers throughout the United States for 35 years and is a great addition to our F&I Express® platform,” said Brian Reed, President and CEO of Intersection Technologies, Inc. and F&I Express®. “PermaPlate is committed to providing quality products and service to customers. Being a part of the F&I Express® platform supports that commitment.”

“PermaPlate is always finding ways to provide the highest level of customer service to our dealers, dealer partners, and customers. eContracting with F&I Express® is another way that the PermaPlate programs bring great value and efficiency to the F&I process,” said John Nisson, Director of Operations of PermaPlate.

About F&I Express®

Intersection Technologies, Inc., parent company of F&I Express®, was founded in 2008 to bring innovative solutions to the automotive industry. F&I Express® focuses on combining cutting-edge technology products with tailored consulting to resolve challenges for customers all across the aftermarket F&I product segment – for administrators, agents, agencies, dealers, and lenders.

With business increasingly being conducted electronically, companies’ processes are expected to move progressively faster. F&I Express® is positioning customers ahead of the curve by leading them away from time-consuming, error-prone paper forms to their customized, streamlined eContracting platform. Other innovative products include ExpressRecoveries, a system for faster rebate recoveries with more rebates paid; ExpressTablet®, a complete mobile office to sell more on the road; and ExpressSignature, a tool for even quicker eContract submittals and processing.


About PermaPlate

Starting back in 1978, PermaPlate developed car protection products and service programs in response to consumer demand. Their products are sold exclusively through authorized dealerships and are backed by comprehensive warranties with best-in-industry coverage. PermaPlate has the reputation of continually expanding capabilities to address unique problems with extraordinary solutions in an ever-changing industry, while making quality customer service the number one priority.


For further information, contact:
Brian Reed
Intersection Technologies, Inc. and F&I Express