F&I Express Adds USA ID Recovery to the Largest Aftermarket Provider Network in the Country

USA ID Recovery is an Identity Theft Protection product that utilizes the latest technology, private and public security professionals, and law enforcement agents to identify and mitigate consumer identity fraud. The service uses industry standard encryption and security processes to maintain data security and reliability. ID theft is the signature crime of the digital age we live in. Recently, one of the 3 primary credit reporting agencies suffered a three-month long cybersecurity breach, exposing non-public, personal information of over 145 million Americans (nearly half the country’s population). Data breaches this size and scale can be debilitating, considering most of the data the hackers possess, such as names, SS numbers, birth dates and driver’s license numbers cannot be changed by consumers in order to protect themselves. Now is the time to seriously consider providing your greatest assets (customers and employees) with a comprehensive identity theft solution. USA ID Recovery provides valuable Identity protection services to partners across the country.

Identity Theft has touched every industry across the U.S. The automotive industry is no exception. “In late 2017 the U.S. experienced the single most serious data beach in its history,” said Jim Formanek, founder and President of USA ID Recovery. “Thieves now have the non-public, personal information of nearly 59% of all adults in America. Given the fact that everyone is at risk, why not show your customers that you offer products and services that cover everything from the car, to the driver and their family. If a customer does become a victim of identity theft, they will remember it was the dealership that provided this valuable service, saving them time, money, and the headaches involved with ID theft.”

F&I Express’ network of product providers is the largest in the industry. F&I Express offers digital solutions including eContracting, eSignature, Express Recoveries aftermarket cancellations and more. F&I Express streamlines the aftermarket process for optimized efficiency to make F&I easier and more profitable for everyone involved. “In this age
of technology, our personal information can easily end up in the hands of a thief,” said Brian Reed, CEO of F&I Express. “You can never be too careful, so having USA ID Recovery on board with us is a great opportunity to help more consumers protect themselves against Identity Theft – the fastest growing crime in the country.”


Since 2008, F&I Express has been dedicated to leading the aftermarket industry into the digital age with innovative technology solutions. With solutions that cut costs, educate consumers, improve compliance and increase efficiency for dealers, agents, providers and lenders, F&I Express offers a process for eRating, eContracting, eRegistering and eCancellations for aftermarket products on one platform. The Express Recoveries solution is an optimized eCancellation solution for lenders, providers and dealers to streamline the cancellation and recoveries process in an efficient and compliant manner. Express Digital Media gives digital retailers the power to educate car shoppers online with accurate and dynamic aftermarket rates and content. For more information about our innovative solutions, please visit fandiexpress.com or follow us on Twitter @fandiexpress.


USA ID Recovery Services provides professional Recovery Advocates to assist potential victims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When there is a problem the Advocate develops a Personalized Recovery Plan and can document, dispute, and reverse all fraudulent transactions until the victims’ identity is restored to pre-theft status. Becoming a victim of ID Theft can be one of the most troubling situations a person can experience, especially when they are unprotected. Years of hard work can be wiped out in an instant. USA ID Recovery makes the choice safe, simple, and secure for you and your family. To learn more, visit http://www.jgfsolutions.com