F&I Express announces the addition of United States Warranty Corp to its eContracting network

United States Warranty Corp. joins more than 95 aftermarket F&I product providers in the F&I Express eContracting network.


Dallas, Texas November 05, 2015 —

United States Warranty Corp., the leading provider of F&I programs, training and the oldest licensed warranty provider in Florida, has joined F&I Express, the largest automotive F&I aftermarket product network.

“We are excited to welcome United States Warranty Corp.’s onto the F&I Express eContracting platform,” said Brian Reed, President and CEO of F&I Express. “USWC offers a full array of customizable F&I products and their customer-centric beliefs align with our business values on amazing customer service.”

“We are looking forward to this union,” said Mark Macek, President of United States Warranty Corp. “F&I Express will allow us to continue pushing forward with eContracting options and give our clients better access to the paperless world.”

Currently, F&I Express is working with many auto retailers across the US to improve F&I processes. The company has aggregated a network of nearly 100 automotive aftermarket insurance providers in an online portal accessible by its dealers.



Since 2008, F&I Express has been dedicated to bringing aftermarket sales into the digital age. With innovative technology that cuts costs, increases efficiency, F&I Express helps its dealer clients’ CSI ratings by providing a faster and error-free process to eRate, eContract and eRegister all of their aftermarket products on one platform.

Established by international company Intersection Technologies Inc., F&I Express has a network of more than 95 aftermarket providers. By moving product and pricing information online, F&I Express provides all parties the instant online data access they want with simplicity and transparency. The company’s ExpressDigitalMedia solution allows automotive retailers and aftermarket insurance providers to engage customers online and earlier in the shopping process with updated media and informative tools to simplify the buying process. The ExpressRecoveriesSM program helps auto finance sources improve recoveries and compliance for ancillary product cancellations. For more information about our innovative technology solutions, please visit fandiexpress.com or follow us on Twitter@fandiexpress.


Holding the distinction as the oldest warranty provider in Florida, United States Warranty Corp. was founded in 1975 to fill the unmet F&I needs of local auto dealerships while being instrumental in the development of a previously untapped market.  Utilizing more than four decades of experience, USWC has grown to become a nationally recognized leader in virtually all F&I products and administration.   USWC’s exponential growth is primarily due to its focus on the implementation, administration and management of Dealer Owned Warranty Companies.  Although DOWC’s are their expertise, USWC also offers other extremely successful programs such as CFC’s/NCFC’s, retros and straight commission plans.  USWC experts consult with their clients on every step of the formation and implementation of all their F&I product offerings.  They provide regular performance monitoring to ensure the highest possible profit margins and smoothest operation.

USWC provides its clients with state-of-the-art services and consistently partners with top-of-the-line technology providers such as F&I Express to ensure their mutual customers are being given the best possible support they need coupled with the effortless service they deserve.

More information regarding the expansive product line and unique history of USWC can be found at uswarranty.com or by contacting info@uswarranty.com.