F&I Express Launches ExpressTabletSM iPad® App for Aftermarket F&I Agents

ExpressTablet provides aftermarket F&I agents instant access to all of their clients, prospects, providers, and venders at the touch of a finger.


Palos Verdes, CA (PRWEB) September 9, 2012

F&I Express and its industry leading F&I Express eContracting platform announced today the launch of ExpressTablet®, an iPad® application that provides aftermarket F&I Agents secure electronic access to all of their dealer, prospect, provider, product and vendor information. ExpressTablet® provides Agents with a complete mobile office solution, a single easy-to-use tool that delivers point-of-contact sales and service support to help increase dealer PVR and Agent effectiveness.

Key capabilities of ExpressTablet include:

  • Online integrated calendar scheduling and ExpressMap GPS access to clients and prospects.
  • Effectively present the Agent’s provider and product information, together with agreements, training, and product information.
  • Access and update provider, dealership and vendor contacts quickly and easily.
  • Tailor sales calls using customized administrator and agent company presentations.
  • Stay current with online product data, customer and prospect information, forms, rate cards, and training materials.
  • One place to safely and securely access all of your critical data, agreements, and reports that you need to manage your business.

ExpressTablet Analysis and Reporting features include:

  • Achieve goals with dealer proposal development, presentation and tracking capabilities
  • Track success though real-time access to production reporting when used with F&I Express.
  • Combine reports with rollup capabilities for local-regional-national level reporting.
  • Continuously up-to-date and accurate content with automatic synchronization.

“ExpressTablet® makes the life of an aftermarket F&I agent easier by providing them with a mobile office to be more effective and efficient, and to sell more to their dealer clients,” said Brian Reed CEO of Intersection Technologies – F&I Express. Reed added “We have built the reputation of F&I Express® around dramatically improving the electronic contracting, registration, and remittance of aftermarket products. ExpressTablet provides agents with a great tool to be more productive and successful with their dealers.”

F&I Express® will be demonstrating ExpressTablet and its F&I Express e-contracting platform at the Industry Summit on September 10-12 at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. For more information please call F&I Express® at 1-855-364-3977. You may visit F&I Express® also at http://www.FandIExpress.com

About Intersection Technologies, Inc.

Intersection Technologies, Inc. and its F&I Express® e-contracting platform enables dealers to go to one place to electronically prepare and remit all of their aftermarket F&I products. F&I Express® delivers a fast, easy process for dealers by eliminating redundant data entry, ensuring that every contract is prepared correctly, while giving agents and administrators/providers real-time access to all contract production from the dealer. ExpressTablet® is a mobile tool that delivers what aftermarket F&I Agents need to help make their dealers and their businesses be more successful.