F&I Express Partners with Roadster to Create a Dynamic F&I Experience on the Roadster Ecommerce Platform

Grapevine, TX —  January 13, 2017

F&I Express is excited to announce that Roadster, the leader in eCommerce solutions for car buying and leasing, is integrated with F&I Express.

Roadster’s many dealerships will now be able to provide car buyers with accurate aftermarket product quotes and educational material using F&I Express’s Express Digital Media solution. The Express Digital Media solution utilizes a proprietary F&I Express Dealer Service Provider (DSP) API and provides instant connectivity to accurate quotes and product content from over 130 providers.

A 2015 Cox Automotive study showed there is a significant gap in consumer understanding of F&I products. The study reports that 8 out of 10 people surveyed would be interested in learning about F&I products before entering the dealership, with 63 percent stating that they would be more likely to buy F&I products if they could learn about them before finalizing their vehicle purchase.

The Express Digital Media solution helps dealerships take advantage of increased F&I aftermarket insurance revenues by taking F&I out of the finance office to where the customer feels more comfortable. Express Digital Media empowers the car buyer with the information they need to research F&I aftermarket products for any specific vehicle.

“Giving car shoppers the opportunity to review F&I products on their own time just makes sense,” said Rudi Thun, COO of Roadster.” We are proud to partner with a company like F&I Express who shares our passion for helping dealers realize more efficient and productive sales through customer empowered commerce.”

Brian Reed, President and CEO of F&I Express added, “Our DSP API will indeed empower the car buyer and consequently the dealer will enjoy increases F&I profits. It’s a win for everyone.”



Intersection Technologies Inc. – F&I Express® is the leading technology and solutions provider powering the future of the automotive F&I industry. Our F&I Express eContracting network enables aftermarket providers and agents to increase their dealer clients’ CSI ratings by providing a faster and error-free process to eRate, eContract, and eRegister all of their aftermarket products on one platform. With the largest aftermarket provider network in the industry, F&I Express delivers specialized solutions that streamline the aftermarket process for optimized efficiency. Our Express Digital Media solution uses a proprietary Dealer Service Provider interface to provide connectivity to accurately quote and instantly obtain product content from more than 130 product providers. Our Express RecoveriesSM platform helps auto lenders improve recoveries, cycle times and compliance for aftermarket product cancellations. Our CompliPriceSM solution helps ensure that automotive dealerships are compliant with their aftermarket product pricing. For more information about our innovative technologies, please visit http://www.fandiexpress.com/ or follow us on Twitter @fandiexpress.


About Roadster

Roadster is an eCommerce platform that enables hassle-free car buying 100% online through roadster.com and partner dealer websites. Roadster dramatically improves the car buying process, significantly reducing dealership sales costs while ensuring buyers get a fair and transparent deal and save time. With unmatched industry expertise and complete knowledge of market pricing, lease and finance rates, and incentives and rebates, Roadster finally makes online car shopping a reality. Roadster is based in Palo Alto, California, and was founded in late 2013. For more information, please visit roadster.com/dealersales.