Intersection Technologies Inc. Announces New Reynolds and Reynolds Certified Interface for its F&I Express eContracting Platform

Certified integration with F&I Express will maximize efficiency in dealerships reducing download times


SOUTHLAKE, TX – November 14, 2014 – Intersection Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has received certification from Reynolds and Reynolds for its F&I Express® aftermarket eContracting platform. The certification for F&I Express is part of the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program and applies to the ERA® Dealership Management System.

The RCI Program provides a standardized approach to handling dealership data from a Reynolds DMS in a safe, secure and verifiable manner, improving the security and supportability of interfaces for both dealerships and third-party vendors. F&I Express offers a network of over 70 providers that dealerships may gain access to for eRating, eContracting, eRegistering, and remittance right at their fingertips – no more 5-ply forms, multiple sites, or redundant entry. RCI certification for F&I Express helps dealerships save time and improve efficiencies.

“Intersection Technologies is committed to supporting our dealers’ needs and the RCI certification is a huge step towards it,” said Brian Reed, President, and CEO of F&I Express. “With this certification, dealers can quickly and securely exchange information from their Reynolds and Reynolds ERA DMS to our F&I Express platform, thus speeding up the way business is conducted.”

For more information on getting your dealership set up on F&I Express with Reynolds and Reynolds integration, contact Intersection Technologies at 855.364.3977 or email us at

Intersection Technologies Inc., parent company of F&I Express, was founded in 2008 to bring innovative solutions to the automotive industry. F&I Express focuses on combining cutting-edge technology products with tailored consulting to resolve challenges for customers all across the aftermarket F&I product segment – for administrators, agents, agencies, dealers, and lenders.

With business increasingly being conducted electronically, companies’ processes are expected to move progressively faster. F&I Express is positioning customers ahead of the curve by leading them away from time-consuming, error-prone paper forms to their customized, streamlined eContracting platform. Other innovative products include ExpressRecoveriesSM, a system for faster rebate recoveries with more rebates paid; ExpressTabletSM, a complete mobile office to sell more on the road; and ExpressSignature, a tool for even quicker eContract submittals and processing.

F&I Express was the winner of the Agent Summit 2013 Provider Innovator of the Year award for its automotive sales ExpressTablet iPad® application for agents and providers.