Automotive News| February 9, 2018
DUBLIN, Calif., /PRNewswire/ — TagRail™, the creator of DealerTag™ and the Lexus Plus CEM App, announced today the integration of Market Scan and F&I Express services into its new Digital Retail Platform.
Now TagRail’s platform provides shoppers a transactional-specific, penny-accurate vehicle finance and aftermarket product check-out and delivery experience from their living room to the showroom.
These integrations populate TagRail’s F&I tool with:

VIN-, customer-, and location-specific and penny-perfect financing options from more than 1,200 lenders driven by industry-leading

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Automotive News | January 17, 2018 – 11:34 am EST
In his new book, Perfect Dealership, Max Zanan, president of Total Dealer Compliance, lays out his recommendations for auto retailers. Here are edited excerpts from his chapter on F&I. The opinions expressed are his.
A compliant F&I department
Every dealer should start by appointing a compliance officer and giving that person the necessary authority to enforce corporate policy and procedure as well as to conduct the required training. The compliance officer must

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Security Experts Offer Car Dealers Advice in Era of Digital F&I

What do finance and insurance technology providers advise their dealer clients about digital F&I security?
We asked several of them, and here’s what they said.
Terry O’Loughlin, compliance director, Reynolds & Reynolds’ document-services:
“The risks around digital F&I mirror risks in the F&I office – and the dealership.  The biggest risks are lack of compliance and inconsistent processes.
“I’ve read industry articles noting that two-thirds of dealers surveyed are concerned that they are under scrutiny actively by regulators.  Only slightly more than a third

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5 Steps to Taking F&I Online

F&I trainer makes the case for digital F&I. He offers a five-step process for adding information about products, pricing, and your finance team to your dealership’s website.
Virtually every shopping experience now begins on the internet, whether we’re looking for a TV on Amazon, or a Mexican restaurant within walking distance. It’s one of the reasons consumers are now pushing for that same quick, easy and transparent experience when purchasing a vehicle. This paradigm shift means that, just like your new-

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F&I Express Wins Diamond Dealers’ Choice Award

F&I Express is continually developing innovative technology with the goal of modernizing your business to make your sales easier, faster, and more profitable.
We have just been honored with the Dealers’ Choice Diamond Award in the F&I Technology category, our second award in two years. We are proud to be recognized by the industry for offering the complete digital solution for F&I product sales.

We sincerely appreciate our customers and partners. Everyone here will continue to strive to do

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Digital Integration & Speeding Up the Auto Sales Process

Customers want to spend less time at the dealership. 85% of dealers want customer in and out before 2-hour mark. This desire on both ends for speeding up the auto sales process will require dealerships to evolve with digital integration. In a recent survey by eLEND, despite wanting things to move quicker, dealers are still saying that the sales process is taking, on average, three hours or more to complete.

“The survey confirms that the sales process can’t evolve — or

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Speeding Up the F&I Transaction

“Speed is essential, and wider availability of digital F&I components and e-contracting often shortens the transaction time.” – Hannah Lutz, Automotive News
Dealers create important experiences for car shoppers every time those shoppers come into contact with the dealership – whether shoppers are online looking at inventory, reading a customer review, walking onto a dealer’s lot, or interacting with sales personnel. In all scenarios, shoppers are demanding a better experience and are bypassing dealers who don’t deliver it. This is why

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A Prediction for the 2016 Automotive Industry, According to Toyota

Toyota’s CEO, Jim Lentz, provides Bloomberg News with a market prediction for 2016.
Watch the interview here.

Powering Ratings for Cox Automotive’s MakeMyDeal

F&I Express is proud to be the F&I product ratings partner for Cox Automotive‘s MakeMyDeal. We have the largest eContracting network with over 100+ aftermarket providers.
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2015 Digital F&I Experience Study

2015 Digital F&I Experience Study
We conducted a study with Cox Automotive‘s MakeMyDeal on the digital F&I experience for consumers. The study reveals that dealers that offer a digital F&I experience benefit from higher repeat and referral business as well as improved customer satisfaction.