Simplifying the car-buying process. Since 2008, F&I Express has been dedicated to bringing aftermarket sales into the digital age with innovative technology that cuts costs, increases efficiency, and adds an element of customer satisfaction never before seen in the industry. In October 2018, F&I Express was acquired by Cox Automotive, Inc., and now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary. Through the past 11 years, F&I Express has become the online connection for all things F&I. F&I Express believes that our employees are the most valuable resource and as a result, we are dedicated to hiring and maintaining employees who will continue to pursue our goals for success and growth. Consequently, F&I Express provides its customers with timely service and the highest standard of quality demanded in today’s marketplace. It is our intention to conduct our daily operations in an equal and fair manner with customers and Third Parties alike. These attributes have been the source of F&I Express's maintenance of strong and trusted client relationships.

With the largest aftermarket provider network in the industry, our expertise has grown to include specialized solutions that streamline the aftermarket F&I process for optimized efficiency. By moving product and pricing information online, our software gives all parties the instant online data access they want with simplicity and transparency.

Do your customers a favor. Join F&I Express and make aftermarket F&I easier and more profitable for everyone involved – start to finish.

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2017 Dealers' Choice Award Diamond Winner in the

F&I Technology Category